Let's Talk Training

Hello everyone! I just wanted to drop in and talk about training for a minute.  As many of you know I am a dog trainer, I have always wanted to be a dog trainer, since I was young my dream was to have a dog I could take EVERYWHERE. Not like service dog everywhere because I am not someone who requires that, but a dog I could drive to a field and let him out to play ball, to take to dinner on a patio, to have around at parties and get togethers and not have to worry about food...

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Holy Cow.....I forgot the dogs!

Holy Cow!!!  So I am new to this whole blog thing and in my excitement to introduce my husband and myself the other day I totally forgot to introduce two of the biggest reasons as to why we are here.  Obviously we wanted to carry this business name on since it has been around since '76, we definitely didn't want to see it close. And it makes me staying home not working a little less of a burden on my husband, as well as we hope to grow it into something we can then pass on to our children if they...

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A Bit of a Delayed Introduction

So this may be a bit delayed, but as some of you may know we are the new owners of Blackjacks Leather! Back in March just as COVID was taking over our lives, we were gifted this beautiful, amazing and wonderful business from its previous owner Joe Fiebig. For those of you who knew Joe you know Blackjacks Leather was his life, and the fact that he has trust my husband and I with this business is such an honor. What is even more awe inspiring is the people who are old clients of his who talk about him and...

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Opie says Thank You for His Collar.

leather dog collar

We get lots of thanks from our Dogs for their collars ;-) Opie was particularly grateful:  "Turned out great! We love it:) Opie says thank you and he gets so many compliments on it!"        

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