Premium Leather Dog Goods FAQ's

You have the Best Dog around and its Time to Show Off a bit with our Leather Goods! Matching Leashes and Personalization Available.
Blackjacks is a non-discriminating hide user. Each steer comes with its own unique story, the hide brandings and field scars help tell their story!
Were they scratching themselves on barbed wire? Did they duke it out in the field for love?
Wrinkles and marks in the animal's hide add uniqueness and character to each product!

Q: Does it detract from the strength, quality or looks of the product?
A: Not in the least! The leather chosen for your products goes through a variety of testing to make sure it meets the high standards for our customers needs.

Q: What do fat wrinkles look like?
A: They look like a wave in the actually adds a cool dimension to the look of the leather! Especially when the sun shines on the tanned finished product, it's awesome!

We are as proud of our Leather Work as you are of your Dog.
Thousands of satisfied customers and happy dogs have proudly worn our gear for 30 years, having found us mostly at Dog Shows & Competitions.
We are now going public and thrilled Amazon Dog Lovers can access the Very Best Dog Leather Goods made.
Order Now while we can keep up with Demand. It won't always be this way. We intend to stay a small family owned and operated business to ensure our premium quality.