About Us

  The right equipment for the right dog!

Every dog handler is looking for the right equipment to work with their "best friend"!  Enter Blackjack's Leather,  a company focused on manufacturing high quality equipment with all the strength, durability and comfort you need for you & your K-9 companion!  

We use only the highest quality products to create professional, military/law enforcement grade dog handling equipment, available for all passionate dog owners!   We know how important the right equipment is for the right dog and the right events....whether your an avid trainer, a professional dog handler or someone who just wants a great product to play with their dog, Blackjack's Leather has it all!  



  • First and foremost, Blackjack’s Leather & Nylon is about building strong relationships with our customers, oursleves and their beloved K-9 friends!

  • Excellent product + Excellent customer care = a strong foundation for successful relationships!
  • Meeting your dog handling needs, whether it’s work, sport or play, for strength, safety, longevity, beauty and comfort all the way!

 Individually Hand Crafted with Premium Leather!    Thank you for stopping in to take a look!